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Price: $25.00
Prod. Code: Photo No.30 - 8"x10" Color

McLINTOCK! - United Artists/Batjac 1963

Staring: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Stefanie Powers, Chill Wills, Jack Kruschen

Filmed on location in 'Old Tucson Arizonz, Benson, Arizona and Paramount Studios

Photo:  Simulated 'lobby card' featuring Edward Faulkner and Leo Gordon during the mud fight sequence in the film...'Old Tucson', Arizona. 

This movie was made during the fall of 1963 and the weather in Tucson was magnificient...until we started filming the mud fight sequence in November.  The sky remained bright and clear but the temperature dropped into the low thirties and salamander heaters (portable forced-air or convection heaters often found at construction sites) had to be used to melt the thin layer of ice which had formed on the pond at the bottom of the slides.   The 'slides' had been lathered with bentonite (a lubricant often used in oil well drilling) and after a trip down the slide into the pond, the actors were well encased with the sticky lubricate and were treated to a washing down by fire hoses, given a shot of bourbon and sent to wardrobe for a fresh costume change!