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#8 The Undefeated

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THE UNDEFEATED - 20th Century Fox/1969

 Starring John Wayne,  Rock Hudson, Lee Meriwether, Ben Johnson and Tony Augilar

Filmed on location in Durango, Mexico and Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Photo: Edward Faulkner as 'Captain Anderson' with his 'reel' family as well as his 'REAL' family.  Wife, Barbara and daughters (from left to right) Jan, Barbara and Leslie in Durango, Mexico.

After a month of filming in Durango, Mrs. Faulkner along with the three daughters and l8 month old son, Edward, loaded up the car and drove to Durango.  When she and the three girls arrived on the set, Duke said,  'Wardrobe 'em and put 'em in the picture!'  So here is what my 'real' family looked like when they portrayed my 'reel' family!  Incidentally, two of Duke's younger children were in the 'Undefeated' along with Andrew McLaglen's (the director) son, Josh who is one of most sought after second assistant directors in the business and daughter, Mary, a prominent film producer.